Encouraging Positivity & Reflection

At Brookside we promote Positive Behavior Implementation Support. We base our curriculum to build children into the social and emotional children they are meant to be. That means happy and confident! With Positive behavior, we are teaching and modeling to the children how we expect them to act by Being a Friend, Being Respectful, Being Responsible, Being Safe.

We use these expectations with the children center wide from Infancy through School Age. Our team encourages children to make positive behaviors in all situations. The teachers talk to the children about the choices they have chosen. Additionally, they discuss what choices they will need to make to help them fix the situation. This teaches the children problem-solving skills. It also encourages the children to reflect for themselves on how to make that situation turn into a positive one. So, please visit the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL)’s website. They have amazing family articles to help support you through your child’s developmental stages.