Devon Raad

Owner – Parkland Location & East Penn Location

Hello, my name is Devon Raad and I am the Owner of Brookside Children’s Early Education Center’s. Here at Brookside our mission is “Striving for Excellence in Early Childhood Education” by providing a safe, fun and stimulating environment for all children, while providing a foundation for social & emotional development to lead children to a purposeful, fulfilling life to Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be a Friend, Be Responsible. Teaching children truth and respect at an early age will enrich children with morals that will last a lifetime.

We believe with a good start and a quality Early Education environment your child will thrive. As a result, they will reach milestones along the way. It takes a village to raise a child. So as a team, Brookside staff, parents, guardians, grandparents, pediatricians, community & therapists will be committed with helping you raise a happy, confident & well-rounded child. I hope that you enjoy learning more about our center and thank you for visiting our website. For our families that are a part of the Brookside family I want to personally thank you for entrusting us with your most precious gift, “your child”.

Lara Egan

Director – Parkland Location

Hello, my name is Lara Egan and I am the Director at Brookside Children’s Early Education Center.

Growing up, I knew that I always wanted to work with young children. I’ve earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood Development. I became the Director here at Brookside in 2016. Prior to that, I spent over 15 years teaching children of all ages. I am a mom of two children, who keep me busy and entertained every day.

My true passion is not only to work with young children. Instead, I also want to share knowledge with families and teachers. This way, they too can provide the best early learning experience for all young learners. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, camping, and spending time with my husband and two young children. I feel lucky to be part of our amazing team at Brookside. Lastly, I look forward to teaching your children and building relationships with you all.